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Camden gospel singer Tye Tribbett sends spiritual messages through music

By Tris McCall and Naomi Nix/Star-Ledger Staff For its first two minutes, For its first two minutes, “He Turned It” behaves as a casual music listener might expect it to behave.

The song begins as a piece of thoughtful piano jazz-pop reminiscent of the music on Stevie Wonder’s mid-’70s albums. Then a big band crashes into the mix and the song begins to rock, sway and grow in startling directions.

Singer Tye Tribbett and his bandmates begin introducing elements from arena rock, soul, ragtime, Caribbean music and the hymnal. The history of 20th century American music goes crashing by in 10 minutes of exuberance and praise.

“He Turned It,” arguably the most critically acclaimed recording released by a New Jersey artist in 2013, is the climactic track of “Greater Than,” Tribbett’s fifth album — a varied, inspiring and creative set. Grammy voters took note of the album’s brilliance: This January, the Camden artist walked away from the Staples Center in Los Angeles with two trophies. (Read the full article here)

Schauer Chooses Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown as Running Mate

Brown an outspoken fighter for middle class families, education, equal rights

LANSING – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer announced that he has chosen Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown (D-West Bloomfield) to be his running mate. Brown previously served in the Michigan Legislature, where she was an outspoken champion for middle class families, strong schools, and equal rights.

“Lisa Brown is a proven leader who’s always been a tough fighter for the middle class,” said Schauer. “In the Legislature, Lisa led the charge against Governor Snyder’s $1 billion cut to education, and as Oakland County Clerk, she’s been a fearless champion for equal rights. Lisa shares my values and priorities for making education our top economic priority, and working to make Michigan’s economy fairer for the middle class. Make no mistake, Lisa Brown will make a terrific Lt. Governor.”

Brown was elected to serve as Oakland County Clerk and Register of Deeds in 2012, after defeating Republican incumbent Bill Bullard. As Clerk, she has been a strong voice for marriage equality, while fighting to bring an end to mortgage fraud, and protecting the right to vote.

Brown previously served as a State Representative for Michigan’s 39th House District from 2009 to 2012, which included Commerce Township, West Bloomfield, and Wolverine Lake. While serving in the Legislature, Brown was Vice Chair of the Education Policy Committee.

“Michigan needs a governor who will fight for good jobs, great schools, and a strong middle class, and that’s why I’m so proud to be running with Mark Schauer,” said Brown. “Rick Snyder is out of touch, and has the wrong priorities for Michigan. Snyder gave a huge $1.8 billion tax break to corporations even if they outsource Michigan jobs, and he paid for it by cutting funding for schools and taxing retirement income. As governor, Mark will fight to end tax breaks and bad trade deals that ship our jobs overseas. That’s the kind of leadership Michigan’s middle class can count on.”

A lifelong resident of Oakland County, Lisa Brown lives in West Bloomfield. She is a graduate of Michigan State University and the Detroit College of Law, and a member of the State Bar of Michigan.

Snyder Administration Approves Law Giving More Tax Breaks to Big Oil

LANSING – [April 1] Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer issued the following statement commenting on legislation signed by Lt. Governor Brian Calley to give additional tax breaks to big oil companies:

“Giving more tax breaks to big oil companies just shows that this administration is out of touch, and has the wrong priorities for Michigan. At a time when dozens of Michigan school districts are in deficit because of Snyder’s education cuts, the last thing we should be doing is giving more handouts to big oil companies. Instead, we should be investing in clean, renewable energy sources to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and create good Michigan jobs.”

Supreme Court Says States Can Ban Affirmative Action

Supreme Court Says States Can Ban Affirmative Action (via Liberaland)

The Supreme Court upheld a Michigan voter initiative that bans racial preferences in admissions to the state’s universities. “This case is not about how the debate about racial preferences should be resolved,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote in a controlling opinion joined by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. “It is about who may resolve it. There is no authority in the Constitution of the United States or in this court’s precedents for the judiciary to set aside Michigan laws that commit this policy determination to the voters.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor read an impassioned dissent from the bench. She said the initiative put minorities to a burden not faced by other applicants to college.

“The Constitution does not protect racial minorities from political defeat,” she wrote. “But neither does it give the majority free rein to erect selective barriers against racial minorities.” Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg joined the dissent…

The vote in the case, Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, No. 12-682, was 6-2. Justice Elena Kagan recused herself, presumably because she had worked on the case as United States solicitor general.

The Michigan initiative, known as Proposal 2, was a response to Grutter v. Bollinger, a 2003 Supreme Court decision that upheld the use of race as one factor among many in law school admissions to ensure educational diversity.

Stylish Eve Outfits: Stripes are the New Sexy

Stylish Eve Outfits: Stripes are the New Sexy

NMA Takes Stand Against Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN)

older woman pain

NMA Takes Stand Against Painful Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (DPN) (via

The National Medical Association (NMA), the nation’s oldest and largest medical association representing the interest of over 50,000 African American physicians and the patients they serve,  and pharmaceutical company Pfizer are working together to raise awareness of painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN).

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Peripheral neuropathy is nerve damage caused by chronically high blood sugar and is the most common complication of diabetes. With painful symptoms including burning and shooting pains in the hands and feet, and the feeling of sharp pins and needles, diabetic nerve pain is a growing problem in the black American community where an estimated 1 in 5 black Americans has diabetes. Black Americans are also nearly three times as likely as non-Hispanic whites to have a lower-extremity amputation due to diabetes complications.

Treating DPN is an important part of a patient’s overall diabetes management plan. To help address painful DPN with their clients, the NMA and Pfizer are making two new DPN diagnosis and treatment resources available to NMA members.

Juan Lynum, Candidate For City Commissioner, District 5 Asks Mayor Dyer/Commissioner Lynum To Re-open Blueprint Intake Office For Parramore Residents Only

Orlando, FL--April 21, 2014, Juan Lynum spent all of last week in Parramore, knocking on hundreds of doors and speaking with hundreds of residents at their homes or in passing on the streets. “Unemployed and underemployed Parramore residents are eager to work. Although hundreds in Parramore have already benefited and continue to benefit from the Blueprint, most have never heard of it. Now, since there appears to be endless opportunities with outside employers, the Mayor should reopen Blueprint intake to Parramore residents only.”

On December 31, 2013, the City of Orlando Blueprint Office which is responsible for encouraging and developing a local workforce, including business for opportunities with the Venues (i.e. Citrus bowl, Amway Arena, Downtown Performing Arts Center) closed its intake office. Granted, the office and program was supposed to be temporary but the successes and opportunities endure.  The Blueprint Office has placed over 2,600 residents into jobs, most of them are not for work with the venues.  The program has been so successful that local employers call the Blueprint Office when doing major recruitment. They continue to call but the intake office is closed.

The Blueprint Office currently has a sign in front of it stating, “Intake Orientations Closed on 12/31.” Lynum says, “It is my understanding that Janeiro Coulter has turned a temporary plan into a program so successful that it has become a permanent necessity versus a temporary jobs program. Local employers continue to use the Blueprint Office, hiring its applicants daily. We have a big opportunity to reopen the doors to Parramore residents only for these jobs that continue to come through the Blueprint.”

Parramore residents would have another opportunity to use its job search engine, receive resume building and interview skills.  Lynum says, “It’s just the right thing to do for the people the program was intended to serve.” For more information, to schedule interviews or request photos or video for your stories, call Rhetta Peoples at (407) 230-7686 or email or

Rangel Introduces Bill To Give Renter Tax Credit

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In response to the imbalance in tax policy that historically has favored homeowners over tenants, Congressman Charles B. Rangel introduced the Renters Tax Credit Act Of 2014 that proposes providing tax relief for low-income tenants. A similar measure was proposed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who in his 2014 State of the State Address, unveiled a plan that included a tax credit for renters in New York City.
"Federal housing spending is unbalanced -- it favors homeownership over renting, and it targets a larger share of the subsidies toward higher-income households. Today, thirty-five percent of households are renters, so this would offer a relief to the working families that are burdened by rents," said Rangel.
According to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, renters are more than twice as likely as owners to pay more than half their income for housing, the threshold for being considered “severely cost burdened." More than 70 percent of renter households have incomes that are generally too low to afford newly constructed units, unless subsidies such as the Low Income Housing Tax Credit lower the rents. 
Rangel's bill proposes the renters’ credit would be administered by states and implemented through a public-private partnership with property owners and lenders. Qualified renters would not pay more than 30% of their income on rent.  The remaining rent would be paid by the credit directly to the landlord or the lender. For example - if a family has a monthly income of $1,500 and pays $900 for rent then they would only have to pay $450 for rent (30% of their income). The owner or lender would receive a tax credit of about $450.
"The increase in rents is one of the most devastating liabilities for those who live in New York City. We have to do something, we just can't stay in the sideline thinking that demand and supply is going to work," said Rangel. "Congress must continue to strengthen protections against predatory lending practices and expand affordable housing opportunities for working families."
"I'm strongly committed to making affordable housing a reality for my constituents and people across the country," added Rangel, who spearheaded Low Income Housing Tax Credit, which has generated investments in low- and moderate-income housing construction and rehabilitation. This permanent program is responsible for most affordable housing construction nationwide in the last decade, including more than 5,000 apartment units in Upper Manhattan.

Fox analyst: Hillary is ‘too old,’ she ‘planned’ Chelsea’s baby — and that’s not sexist!

Fox News media analyst Lauren Ashburn speculated on Sunday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have “planned” her daughter Chelsea’s pregnancy to coincide with a 2016 presidential bid.

After the younger Clinton announced that she was expecting a child last week, so-called “Chelsea Truthers” in the conservative media began dropping hints that the timing may not have been a coincidence.

During a Sunday panel segment on Fox News’ Media Buzz, host Howard Kurtz asked, “Are we perhaps over-analyzing, over-thinking what ought to be a routine, joyous occasion?”

“You’ve been in this town for how many years, and you don’t have a cynical bone in your body?” Ashburn quipped. “I think a lot of reporters think maybe this was planned.”

“Maybe this was planned!” Kurtz exclaimed. “You don’t think that Chelsea Clinton and her husband are entitled to try to have a baby whenever they want? And by the way, if it was going to be planned, it would be planned for next year when the campaign might actually be underway!”

Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton offered the theory that the pregnancy “was a happy providential event, and then the mainstream media, trying to help Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign, decided to make this baby the royal baby.”

“Ah!” Ashburn observed. “We have to realize that this is Hillary Clinton, she’s most likely running for president, it hasn’t been good for her. A lot of people say she’s too old. And so, there is coverage.”

Kurtz pointed out that former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was a grandfather when he ran in 2012.

“But people didn’t say he was too old to run!” Ashburn replied.

“Isn’t this kind of sexist?” Kurtz wondered. “Come on.”

“Are you baiting me? What is that called? Sex baiting?” Ashburn shot back, adding, “No, of course it’s not.”

“You’re wrong,” Kurtz concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News’ Media Buzz, broadcast April 20, 2014.

Rangel And Community Leaders Discuss Priorities For The Hispanic Community

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Charles B. Rangel held a conference call with prominent leaders of New York City on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Heads of advocacy groups, activists, scholars, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and students, discussed with Rangel a variety of issues important for the Hispanic community such as immigration reform, the DREAM Act, and the recent deportations of undocumented immigrants.

"I'm very excited to join my friends and constituents to discuss the priorities for the Hispanic community," said Rangel, who is one of the original co-sponsors of H.R. 15, Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act introduced in 2013. "This conference call was a great opportunity to listen to their concerns and opinions regarding the critical issues immigrants face in our country."

Dr. Alyshia Gálvez, Director of the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies, moderated the conversation joined by a wide range of Mexican-American leaders such as Robert Smith, President from the Mexican-American Student's Alliance (MASA); Juan Carlos Aguirre, director of Mano a Mano; Shareny Díaz Saldaña cofounder of the Mexican American Youth Advising Students (MAYAS); Adriana Lovera, Mr. Enríquez and Leah Hebert from Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow; Elizabeth Olson, from Internationals Network of Public Schools, Pedro Matar from Mexico Trade; Abosede A. George, Professor of Barnard College; and Wendy Mirón from the East Harlem Neighborhood Network; as well as the students from Lehman College, Hunter College, and Baruch College.

During the conference call, participants showed their support to Rangel's leadership advocating for comprehensive immigration reform. "We at the CUNY Institute of Mexican Studies commend Congressman Rangel for his leadership on immigration issues and look forward to working with him further toward finally achieving immigration reform in 2014," said Dr. Alyshia Gálvez.

"There is no good reason why America should not legalize people that came looking for a better life," said Rangel, who is also one of the earliest co-sponsors of the DREAM Act when it was first introduced in 2001. "It's not only moral, but it’s also the smart thing to do. With immigration reform America will be a stronger nation."

When asked about the deportations of undocumented immigrants, Rangel said: "The President shouldn't wait for legislation to stop the deportations. Many groups, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, we've come together to ask the President to take executive action to stop them.  I hope he does so soon."

About the New York State Senate Rejection of the DREAM Act, Rangel showed his discontent saying "I'm disappointed that the New York State Senate failed to pass the DREAM Act again. There is no excuse for this. People should look out for how their state Senator voted on this."

Rangel thanked the participants and concluded the call saying: "America is a nation of immigrants. I've been witness of the wonderful contributions you've made to our District and across the United States. You can be certain that the Hispanic community have in me a friend and a convinced advocate. You're not alone"

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